Are There Toxic Hazards Where You Are?

Normally, when we talk about toxic environments, we usually refer to work environments where office intrigue, stress, and pressure are incredibly high. But did you know that it can also refer to how much of a danger your physical environment may be to your health?


You may already have been exposed to heavy metal particulates and other environmental toxins just by being where you are. Also, just because your house is clean doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe.



In which case, here’s a short list of unhealthy environments which may already be affecting your health:


  • Locations anywhere near heavy industry facilities such as factories and warehouses dedicated to chemical products;
  • Homes or workplaces located along major thoroughfares can be affected by emissions from traffic;
  • Households with a significant usage of chemical pesticides and cleaning materials;
  • Homes or workplaces located near water (beachfronts or riverfronts) which has a high degree of pollution;
  • Areas located within 100 meters of a landfill or public junkyard; and
  • Areas where burning is the primary mode of garbage disposal.



Before you make adjustments to your lifestyle (or move someplace safer), get yourself and your family checked for toxin exposure with the Vital Test. This non-invasive diagnostic tool utilizes Oligoscan technology to check your body for any toxins or heavy metals that may be detrimental to your health. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.



Learn more about the Vital Test and follow it up with a good cleansing session in the Vital Dome at