Are You Burning Out?

The combination of enforced quarantines, unrelenting worry, and stress without obvious relief are bound to take their toll sooner than later in these difficult times. Here’s how to figure out if your body seriously needs a break.


If you welcomed working from home last year, chances are that you now wish you had somewhere else to go and something else to do than just work – and worry – all day every day. You find yourself disinterested in your tasks and, worse yet, your body seems to be screaming for rest. You, dear reader, are suffering from burnout.


But while burnout usually means mental and emotional symptoms like irritability, despair, and indifference, it can also manifest physically. Doctors at German health hub ADA have noted that physical burnout is, essentially, when your body suffers from adrenal fatigue – you’ve been running on adrenaline for far too long and now you’re exhausted in more ways than one.



The physical symptoms of burnout tend to mimic those of generalized anxiety disorder, manifesting as:

  • Headaches of varying intensity;
  • Nausea during particularly stressful situations or on waking;
  • Chronic insomnia or hypersomnia;
  • Muscle tension and/or pain, particularly in the back and shoulders;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly among office or clerical workers; and
  • Physical exhaustion and/or weakness.



In order to treat burnout, doctors recommend the following:

  • Attitude adjustment by way of rediscovering why you fell in love with your job in the first place or re-evaluating your priorities and goals;
  • Getting ample rest by taking frequent breaks or, if you have particularly bad insomnia, power napping;
  • Taking time to relax and recharge even if it’s just watching a film on Netflix or organizing an online meet with family and friends; and
  • Rethinking one’s diet and hydration.



In addition, we recommend a good 40 minutes in the Vital Dome. The far infrared ray technology goes a long way to soothing stiffened muscles and calming your frenzied mind. Plus, the heat generated within allows your body to sweat out toxins which may be affecting your health.


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