Author: vitaldomeph

Dealing with Delta

Given that August is Respiratory Health Month in the Philippines, it is quite appropriate to talk about the illness that is the most pressing concern at this point in our history: COVID-19.     The Delta variant is said to be the most contagious, if not the most virulent, form of the virus. But rather […]

Infrared Technology in the Fight Against COVID-19

Did you know that scientists are currently looking into how far infrared and standard infrared technologies can best help in the ongoing struggle against the pandemic?     Infrared technology plays a key role in a new diagnostic tool that will enable hospital staff to determine just how severe a case of COVID-19 is, thus […]

How to Deal with Pandemic Stress

If you feel like you’re going crazy of late, we feel you and you aren’t alone. The past seventeen months since the initial outbreak of the pandemic that has changed the way we live is now taking its toll on even the most resilient and patient of people. And while impatience, frustration, and annoyance are […]

The Thing About Stress Eating

Feeling more than a little harassed at work? Stop yourself from reaching for sugary or salty snacks!   We’ve all been there: pulling long hours at our desks and trying to get the job done before the deadlines hit. Sometimes, the stress drives us to skip meals and we end up grabbing the closest snacks […]

It’s Tough When Things Get Toxic

When we say that we’re toxic, it usually means that we’ve been bogged down by the stresses and cares of everyday living. It’s usually a state of mind, but we should be aware that we may actually be physically toxic without knowing it.   Physical toxicity is more common – and more widespread – than […]