Vital Dome, founded and manufactured in France is an advanced infra-therapy ecosystem machine that uses pure far infrared to regenerate the body from inside out. Available in Asia through i3 Incorporated. The founders, Eric Fauchon and Alexandra Gavsevitch— both internationally known in the Naturopathy, and Health and Wellness industry—realize that skin body toxins are the real cause of health concerns so  they looked into a  more effective and natural detoxification process. With Vital Dome, more people can benefit from the most advanced and most natural beauty and wellness maintenance machine that uses Far Infrared (vital rays of the sun), which is the ultimate, most natural, and essential factor for body rejuvenating and healing. 

Superior Sauna Machine

The single, most outstanding quality of Vital Dome is its black carbon heating panels which emits high density and uniform distribution of carbon in the panels, allowing for an even emission of temperature on its surface for maximum efficiency and comfort. What makes it superior and more advanced its “Far infrared” system, a biocompatible emission that penetrates up to 4cm beneath the skin. This means that it can improve tissue exchange, enhance draining function, stimulate blood circulation and cleanse the body of harmful toxins. But while it is aggressive about eradicating unwanted body contaminants, the technology guarantees a gentle and efficient method in rejuvenating all bodily processes.

One Vital Dome session lasts up to 40 minutes and each session has 36 treatment programs that are personalized and tailored to an individual’s specific needs. 

Understanding Vital Dome’s Far Infrared 

Using Far Infrared in a sauna machine is the fruit of long years of extensive research headlined by Fauchon and Gavsevitch. They found out that at the normal body temperature, infrared radiation emits the ideal energy to give more vigor to the cells and optimize the body processes of growth and development. And because Far Infrared is easily absorbed by humans, it raises the internal temperature of the body, a heat transfer by radiation emitted by the “B-Carbon” panels, an essential part of the Vital Dome®. The radiations from the state-of-the-art carbon panels penetrate deep into the body without excessively increasing the ambient temperature.

Clinical studies prove that 82% of those who experienced Vital Dome’s Infra-therapy feel more relaxed while 77% achieved a slimmer figure. Almost 70% noticed how their skin got firmer and almost 80% proved they attained lighter legs, improved sleeping pattern and an enhanced overall well-being. 

After 12 sessions in just over a month using the Vital Dome machine, some clients experienced up to 4cm reduction in their waistline and up to 2.5cm in the hips. Some reported about a drop of up to 2cm around their thighs based on a third party clinical study by Intertek..

Aside from weight loss, the more essential results from the Vital Dome experience is an ultimate detoxification, oxygenation of tissues, reduction of edema, and skin stimulation. The skin becomes firm, is purified and revitalized. Damaged tissues due to stress are regenerated; wrinkles are reduced. And those with dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis are relieved.  It also helps to stimulate the immune system, reduce physical and muscular pain, lowers blood pressure and relieves rheumatism and joint pain.

Who can benefit from Vital Dome’s Far Infrared Technology

Anyone who moves, those who have heavy work load and responsibilities, those who want to look and feel good and lose weight,  and those who want to boost their health and well-being could use some sessions in the Vital Dome. So, that’s practically everyone.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts could benefit from Vital Dome for improved physical and mental abilities, better fatigue management, oxygenation of muscles for a faster and more effective recovery. Infratherapy also prevents tendon-muscular pain to recur, eliminates muscle stiffness and aches, and drains body toxins. 

 It would be a really good idea for gyms, sports clinics, dermatology and aesthetic clinics, saunas and spas to have at least one Vital Dome so they can add a healthy routine to help their clients combat viruses such as COVID-19. Remember, the heat of the far infrared can increase the production of endorphins or the so-called happy hormones so people who do it regularly are happier, healthier people who do not only feel good but also look good.