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With the Vital Dome, you can enhance your services and increase spend per customer.

The benefits of massage and body treatments are tremendously improved when combined with a Vital Dome infratherapy session. Customer loyalty is also helped through the Vital Dome, as many clients come back for repeat visits.

We are looking for PARTNERS, VISIONARIES, and ENTREPRENEURS who would like to take their health and wellness establishment to the next level with our infra-therapy technology.


Vital Dome, founded and manufactured in France is an advanced infra-therapy ecosystem machine that uses pure far infrared to regenerate the body from inside out. Available in Asia through i3 Incorporated.

Its proprietary technology, alongside French design and craftsmanship traditions, mean that Vital Dome is a product that combines performance, luxury and comfort.

With the Vital Dome, you elevate your spa, clinic, hotel, or wellness center by providing a world-class infra-therapy service alongside your other business offerings.


The Nuage makes infra-therapy accessible and convenient for your customers.

It features a unique cloud-like shape that envelopes users while evenly distributing their weight — giving them the sensation of weightlessness and calm.

It’s designed to make users feel instantly relaxed and incorporates our patented infratherapy, chromotherapy and music to promote an overall feeling of well-being. It also boost moods, increases productivity, and stimulates creativity.

You can find these in airports, boutique hotels, offices, and even homes!



From near-total lockdown in March and April, businesses and establishments are easing their way back into opening with measures ranging from adjusted operating hours to the wearing of protective gear on the part of the staff.

But are these enough to ensure the protected health and continued safety of clients?

Ask yourself! Is your spa, clinic, or hotel up to par with cleanliness and safety standards? Use our CHECKLIST ON SAFETY AND SANITATION to ensure that you are following the minimum health guidelines.

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