Our desire is to establish a strong performance and differentiation in
the approach to well-being at work. It ensures a homogenous distribution of
weight throughout the body and immediately provides a feeling of lightness
facilitating relaxation.

A harmless component of the solar spectrum, long infrared is more particularly present at sunrise and sunset. Its benefits on the organism are numerous and vital, They can help us restore or stimulate certain functions, relieve us of ailments and pain, relax us.…

The Nuage is intended to improve the quality of life at work. The peculiar shape of the CLOUD has been designed to allow zero gravity. Easy to use, just sit for sessions of 15 to 30 minutes of pure well-being.


It is an equipment that brings physical and psychological benefits, with direct and immediate positive impacts on MOOD, CREATIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY, AND WELL-BEING.

Long Infrared brings energy to the body through natural, gentle, deep warming